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Simone Micheli

Photo Credit: Maurizio Marcato

Simone Micheli founded the Architecture Studio in 1990 and in 2003 he created the architecture company Simone Micheli Architectural Hero together with Roberta Colla.

The society is based in Florence, Milan, Puntaldìa, Dubai, Rabat and Busan. His professional activity ranges from master plans and architecture to interior, from design to visual, through graphics, communication and event organization.

His creations, always sustainable and environmentally conscious, are characterized by a strong identity and uniqueness. Many are his creations for public administrations and important private clients connected to the community and to the residential world. He is the curator of thematic exhibitions - contract, but not only – at the main international architecture, design and hospitality fairs.


In collaboration with Roberta Colla and his team of professionals, he holds masters, conferences, workshops and lectures at universities, cultural institutes and institutions in many cities around the world.

His works have been featured in the most important international exhibitions as well as in Italian and international newspapers, magazines and periodicals.



Design by Simone Micheli Architect


Starry night skies, meteorite showers, planets that reveal themselves in all their beauty. It is with an upward gaze that the idea of “Space Age Capsule Collection” takes shape.

Based on the design of Simone Micheli Architect and under the careful guidance of the senior designer and founder of PURAVISIONE®, Giovanni Rizzo, “Space Age Capsule Collection” came to life.


This beautiful series of design products combines the aesthetics and the international taste of Micheli, together with the know-how and extreme attention to detail of the luxury furniture brand PURAVISIONE®. “Space Age Capsule Collection” with its curved, cozy and sinuous lines, consists of a selection and focus on six products designed to furnish private villas, refined restaurants or lounge areas of five-star hotels.


You can feel Made in Italy by taking a look at the luxury details of tables and coffee tables or by sitting comfortably on a lounge chair, designed to relax in the hotel after a long business trip, or even a soft and enveloping stool to chill out and take a drink. Fabrics and finishes are the result of incessant researches and represent excellence. The perfect synthesis of the two brands.

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