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Capsule Collection


designed by Simone Micheli Architect

This beautiful series of design products combines the aesthetics and the international taste of Micheli, together with the know-how and extreme attention to detail of the luxury furniture brand PURAVISIONE®. “Space Age Capsule Collection” with its curved, cozy and sinuous lines, consists of a selection and focus on six products designed to furnish private villas, refined restaurants or lounge areas of five-star hotels. You can feel Made in Italy by taking a look at the luxury details of tables and coffee tables or by sitting comfortably on a lounge chair, designed to relax in the hotel after a long business trip, or even a soft and enveloping stool to chill out and take a drink. Fabrics and finishes are the result of incessant researches and represent excellence. The perfect synthesis of the two brands.

the dark side

soft moon

of the moon

space cadet



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