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Ombra coffee table with an antique wooden Robinia top

PURAVISIONE is an exclamation. 

An expression of amazement caused by the sight of a such a beautiful object that takes your breath away. A state of grace similar to ecstasy.

These are the great furniture beauties that the young design brand PURAVISIONE recreates through its fine pieces. 


Furnishing elements studied in detail and optimized with cutting-edge materials thanks to years of experience in the world of design under a common denominator.

The high quality of Made in Italy.

Giovanni Rizzo portrait of the senior designer of puravisione

Giovanni Rizzo  is the founder of PURAVISIONE.  A luxury furniture company that has its main focus on excellence, design, know-how and Made in Italy with an open eye to the world... Read more...

Simone Micheli architect  founded the Architecture Studio in 1990. In 2003 he created the architecture company Simone Micheli Architectural Hero together with Roberta Colla.... Read more...


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