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demetric glass top circular table with a solid metallic base.

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Demetric Glass Table

Made in Italy


The Demetric round table, thanks to its distinctive lines, belongs to the Stratos family.


The iconic base of this luxury piece of furniture is a solid asymmetrical structure made of three layers of equal thickness, embedded one to each other and finished with varnished matte effect steel in the centre and two layers of steel with handmade brushed copper finish.

The 160 cm top is in tempered smoked glass. This handmade in Italy table accommodates up to six or eight people. Demetric is an important piece of furniture that gives character and embellishes any living area, be it classic or modern.


TOP: Smoked glass

STRUCTURE: Three joined layers of 5mm laser cut and galvanized steel sheet

Demetric Dett 01.jpg
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