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MAGNETO   ​  Modern, elegantly masculine and decisive.  
Magneto a elegant armchair made by professional craftsman , Desing made in italy, robust and classy
Magneto is a perfect element for a home theaters and living room, modern and solid
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A Armchairs made in italy, made in strong and solid Wood, must-have for a livingroom


Modern, elegantly masculine and decisive.  


Magneto is a perfect armchair to relax while reading, to entertain oneself while watching an "Film d'auteur". Or to simply meditate on beauty while listening to a doom metal record. 


The solid wood armrest plunges directly into the leather, working as a writing surface. The soft lumbar cushions accommodate the back and the belted seat provides comfort for a prolonged use. 


It is this combination of severe lines and functional comfort that make this unmistakable armchair a true must-have for contemporary living rooms and home theaters.

SEAT STRUCTURE : birch plywood 

PADDING : differentiated density poilurethane 

UPHOLSTERY : genuine leather 

ARMREST: solid beech wood 

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